Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why not just gag me too?

The largest democracy in the world? can't be serious!
Blocking access to our blogs is not just insane, but also illegal. Its oppressive even. We don't have to catch up with China in everything you know. The next time India is attacked by terrorists*, I know exactly what will happen. All TV channels, radio channels will be blocked, Newspapers will beforced to not print anything about the incident. And then, the state will ask google to censor searches about the attack. Wow! Sounds familiar.

*yup..... I'm sure that we will be attacked again.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

These bad metaphors rock!!

Check this out. Hilarious.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Am I asleep? I must be - its too dark and cosy for me to be awake!
What the damn hell is that noise? Am I dreaming?
I really must be dreaming.
It feels as if someone is repeatedly stabbing my eardrum  with a ball pen. It really doesn't hurt much, but its near the most damn irritating thing ever.
What the hell is it? Control is once again being transfered to my concious mind. Believe me, the process is slow.
What could this sound be? Am I imagining it? Or dreaming it?
Its the tap! The goddamn water faucet! Someone forgot to turn it tight enough. And now its not letting me sleep. What am I going to do? Wait! My mom will turn it off. She always knows what to do.
Come on mom. I don't want to get up. Its soooo comfy!
Aai please! Pleeeease!
Shit. Didn't my parents go to Kashmir for a vacation two days back? Yes. They. Did.
The only other person in the house is my grandmom. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for me, she doesn't wear her hearing aid to sleep.

Yes! I wake up, go to the bathroom and turn off the tap. Phew. Now for some sleep.
And yes. My subconcious is a funny guy. And he's not on my side eithe. For the remainder of the night, i dream, about leaking faucets.

What a deal

What an unbelievable comment I got for my last post. Its too good. And it has me salivating, just thinking about the time i would save. Here it is.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

No numbers!

Apparently, the Piraha tribe in Brazil do not have any concept of numbers or counting at all! Imagine that - a world without numbers. This is really interesting. It proves something I always believed - words are not mere ways to describe your thoughts. If it weren't for the words, the thought probably wouldn't have been there. Here's the link.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Not being in control and its after effects

I'm pretty sure that everyone has been in this situation - something has to be done, but you just cant get yourself to do it. And this something, most often turns out to be something pressing. All you can do, is watch time go by as you don't do something, which you'd be better off doing. Apologies for that confusing paragraph.
At least I hope everyone has been in this situation, or else i'm in a pretty sad minority! So this is how it goes. I have my Computer Graphics practicals scheduled for the 28th i.e. today. My last vivas were on the 25th. So i decided that after my last vivas, i'll do some timepass and start studying by evening. I get some friends over to my house after the vivas, go out for sweets, basically having a great time. All this while, i'm pretty sure i'll be hitting the books(compilers too) pretty soon. But then, the unthinkable happens! I lose control of my life!
Its like being a helpless spectator - like witnessing a crime happening and being unable to do anthing about it. You know that something's going wrong, you know what the right thing is, yet you are unable to do anything about it. So basically, I am unable to get myself to study at all. I just can't. I couldn't even get myself to try to study. Don't get me wrong, i'm not weak or anything. I'm just running on autopilot and going in the wrong direction!
So as it ends up, I start studying only yesterday. (All thanks to Rad for all the help. Its all because of her that I finally got down to study). What results is a very low level of confidence and preparedness. You may think that i'm making much ado about nothing, but I found the situation very sad indeed.
So, how was the exam. Guess. I got lucky! I got a pattern which was not in the 'expected patterns' list. Others had tried out these expected question, I hadn't. So in some weird manner, I got lucky. Then of course, my superior mental faculty got me through the exam smoothly. My best practical yet! Its good being me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

karkaremtg - Best Selling Author

I have always wanted to be a best selling sci-fi author. No, I mean it. I really always wanted to be one. And i thought of a few ideas for my first book.
  • Humans evolving: A few humans begin to evolve and develop new abilities. They are shunned by the normal, non evolved humans(who form the vast majority). Touted as mutants, they are looked upon with distrust and fear. Some of them decide to get back at humanity and others decide they must put their 'powers' to good use.
  • Human power sources: The earth is taken over by machines. Humans are entrapped only to harvest energy from their bodies. They remain in suspended animation and are mentally present in a 'mayajaal' (since its going to be an english book I think I should substitute it with an english word. Maybe 'Vector'). This is infact a computer generated virtual reality. And, ya, only one man can save humanity. This is a really new concept. I may have to write three books or so to cover it.
  • Exterminator: A machine comes back from the future in order to kill the man who will be responsible for thwarting the machine revolution in the future. Having failed once, the machine comes back again, this time to save that same man from another machine. And again. Since this machine comes back to kill(exterminate) someone, i'll call it the exterminator.
  • Stellar Battles: This story unfolds millions of years in the future in a place not so far from here. A band of revolutionaries fight against the omnipresent 'kingdom'. Do they succeed. Well yes, but with the help of girlie man with a trident made of sound and a giant dog.
  • Someone is found: Autistic child man is granted special powers by a 'magic'al alien. He beats the baddies to pulp and turns non-autistic. Passes on powers to son who chooses to become a superhero. Two book material for sure.
Thats what I call creativity! I'll get these out one book at a time. Just hope nobody els is thinking  the way i am!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

As Luck Would Have It

I have always believed that i am a lucky guy. Luck never seems to run out on me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not implying that  everything that happens to me is because of luck. Its just that... well... I have it better than others.
On the 21st of April, which happens to be my birthday, was my Viva for Systems Programming. SP is something i'm not so good at. In fact, when it comes to SP, I suck! And so, i'm greiving that my birthday is going to be ruined by bad vivas. Add to this, the fact that the internal examiner who was to conduct this viva is really strict.
When I reach college, i'm a bundle of nerves. The vivas are supposed to start at 10. But neither the external nor the internal teachers show up at ten. We all think that the reason for this is because there is a bus strike today. Ok, so maybe they'll be here in half an hour. But no! They just don't show up. Finally, at 12:15 the external examiner shows up - and starts taking the orals without the internal examiner(the strict/scary one).
All this time, i was cribbing that i'll be in the second group to go in. These teachers spend the maximum time with the first few groups really grilling tham and then go easy on the other groups. Now, i'm thanking the stars for the very same reason. Since i'm in the second group, my vivas are over before the other teacher arrives. Even during the exam, i'm given all the easy questions. That coupled with my ability to excrete from my mouth makes it smooth sailing. The whole thing actually goes pretty well. Hah!
Today, that is the 22nd of April is the day i had my Web Technology vivas. Now that is a subject I like. However, it was my birthday yesterday and no other preparatory holiday for WT. So, once again, when i reach college, i'm a bundle of nerves. If the seating arrangement in the lab is the same as it was yesterday, i'll be in front of the external examiner. This time, she is the one to be afraid off. But, as luck would have it, the seating has been reversed. Muhuhuhuhua. I got away with a decent viva today as well.
Three more vivas to go. I hope the luck remains!